Learning To Love You More



68. Feel the news.

67. Repair something.

66. Make a field guide to your yard.

65. Perform the phone call someone else wished they could have.



62. Make an educational public plaque.

61. Describe your ideal government.


59. Interview someone who has experienced war.

58. Record the sound that is keeping you awake.


56. Make a portrait of your friend's desires.

55. Photograph a significant outfit.

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53. Give advice to yourself in the past.

52. Write the phone call you wish you could have.

51. Describe what to do with your body when you die.

50. Take a flash photo under your bed.

49. Draw a picture of your friend's friend.

48. Make the saddest song.

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46. Draw Raymond Carver's Cathedral.

45. Reread your favorite book from fifth grade.

44. Make a "LTLYM assignment".


42. List five events from 1984.

41. Document your bald spot.


39. Take a picture of your parents kissing.

38. Act out someone else's argument.

37. Write down a recent argument.

36. Grow a garden in an unexpected spot.

35. Ask your family to describe what you do.

34. Make a protest sign and protest.

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31. Spend time with a dying person.

30. Take a picture of strangers holding hands.


28. Edit a photo album page.

27. Take a picture of the sun.

26. Design an article of clothing for Mona to crochet.

25. Make a video of someone dancing.

24. Cover the song "Don't Dream It's Over".

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22. Recreate a scene from Laura Lark's life story.


20. Take a family portrait of two families.

19. Illustrate a scene or make an object from Paul Arensmeyer's life story.

18. Recreate a poster you had as a teenager.


16. Make a paper replica of your bed.

15. Hang a windchime on a tree in a parking lot.

14. Write your life story in less than a day.

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12. Get a temporary tattoo of one of Morgan Rozacky's neighbors.

11. Photograph a scar and write about it.

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9. Draw a constellation from someone's freckles.



6. Make a poster of shadows.

5. Recreate an object from someone's past.


3. Make a documentary video about a small child.

2. Make a neighborhood field recording.

1. Make a child's outfit in an adult size.

As of May 1st 2009, we no longer accept assignment submissions. Thank you to everyone who participated over the seven years that the project was active. In 2010 the website was acquired by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, ensuring that Learning to Love You More will continue to exist online as an archive of the project. And of course there is no reason to stop doing assignments; we've noticed (801) 412-0631 are even posting them on their own versions of LTLYM.
Please contact SFMOMA at: collections - at - sfmoma - dot - org for inquiries about the project.